Support materials



Support materials

Any permitted examination support materials at the examination are specified in the course description for each course and on the cover page of the question paper.

Examination support materials that have not been approved are not allowed in the examinations. Candidates are not allowed to borrow examination support materials from each other. All use of examination support materials that are not allowed will be considered as attempts at cheating.

It is the responsibility of the individual candidates prior to the examination to know what support materials are allowed (stipulated in the course description and on the front page of the examination paper), what guidelines apply to the use of these support mateirals (stipulated in the student portal @BI), and the rules for using sources.

Reference is made to the Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI Norwegian Business School, Section 1-3 Rules relating to order at written examinations and Section 5-15 Cheating.


No examination support materials allowed 

This means that only writing implements are allowed.

For courses taught and examined in English a dictionary is allowed as a general support material under examination.

The dictionary can be English / Norwegian and Norwegian / English, English - to and from the student's native language, ie, a bilingual dictionary (bilingual dictionary).

All support materials allowed
This means that written material such as books, notes, etc. are allowed. “All materials” also includes a BI-approved examination calculator (see below, there is only one type allowed). The instructions for the calculator can only be used when all support materials are allowed.

Portable PCs are only allowed if specified as an examination support material in the course description, or in cases where the examinee has been granted the right to use a PC based on an application for spesial arrangements in connection with the examination, cf. Section 5-8

Mobile phones, other communication tools or electronic media are never allowed, and must be turned off and placed in a bag, backpack or similar. NB! Wristwatches of any kind are not allowed!

Bags etc must be left where assigned.


Specified support materials 

This means that the examination support materials that are specified in the course description are allowed.

However, if a calculator is allowed as a specified examination support material, the instructions cannot be used (only allowed if “all examination support materials” are allowed in the examination). 

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