Support materials



References and notes

References and notes in legal texts, offprints and books etc. might be allowed as support materials at some examinations.

What examination support materials that are permitted at the examination are specified in the course description for each course.

Other versions/editions of such texts than what is specified in the course description are not allowed, and will be considered attempt at cheating. Transcripts from Lovdata ( are not allowed as examination support materials, unless these have been published by BI (with the BI logo). 

If references and notes are allowed as examination support materials, only the following are allowed: 

  • underlining 
  • the use of colours (it is allowed to use markers in different colours, but it is not allowed to mark certain letters in the text in a way that the marking make up words) 
  • handwritten references to other provisions by the use of abbreviations such as cf., see, comp, etc. followed by the provision referred to on the same pattern as in "Norges Lover"
  • indexing (tabs etc.) are allowed in legal texts. These can only include the name or abbreviation of the name of the law, year, number or headlines of the chapter exactly as they appear on the page that has the indexing. Other text is not allowed. 

In the case of such references it is not allowed to systematize to a greater extent complete papers or topics.

If other notes occur, such as excerpts from textbooks, lecture notes, summaries, etc., this will be considered as an attempt at cheating - which can be punished by an annulment of the examination and / or exclusion from the school for a period of up to one year. Read more about cheating.

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