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Multiple choice examination

​Multiple choice examination is an individual examination with predefined answer sheets with check boxes.

The rules relating to order also apply to a multiple-choice examination. 

At multiple-choice examinations the candidates must only use the answer sheets (for grading by machine) and rough sheets that are handed out unless other instructions are given.

The examinees must adhere to the guidelines that are provided on the question paper. The following information should be provided on the answer sheet:  

  • Examination code 

  • Examinee's initials (not your name)

  • ID number (7 digits)

ID number must be filled in with numbers and crossed off in the column below it. Remember that zero - 0 - is the first number in the candidate's seven-digit ID number.


Important when you fill in the answer sheets 

  • All answers must be made on the answer sheet by putting a cross under the letter you believe is the correct answer

  • Annul a cross by filling in the square (a filled in square will not be registered as an answer)

  • Do not put crosses or checks outside the areas intended for use

  • The answer sheet is read by machine and written answers will not be acknowledged

  • Mistakes or incomplete answer sheets may result in the examination being rejected or read incorrectly

  • A pencil or pen with green colour cannot be used to fill in the answer paper

  • The answer sheet must not be used as a rough copy


Remember that all writing at the examination must cease when the examination time is up. No extra time is proved to fill in headings. 

Should a candidate attempt to put a cross on an answer sheet after time has been called for the examination, this will be regarded as an attempt at cheating.

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