Examination times



Examination schedules

The examination schedules are published here in the student portal. Most examinations are held during examination periods, and during daytime. 

There will however be afternoon- and evening examinations, as well as some examinations outside the examination period. 

Electronic examination?

How do I know if an exam is electronic or not?

When you download the question paper 
When you get your examination question paper from @BI ("Exam in the left hand menu - the tab "Exam", you will see if your exam is to be submitted electronically through @BI and DigiEx or not. 

  • DigiEx icon? The exam is electronic. 
  • PDF icon?    The exam is not electronic.

Examination schedule overview
You may also see which examinations that are to be submitted electronically in each programme's exam schedule (see the column to the right). 

Electronic school examinations are also listed on a separate examination schedule. 

The main rules are

- All Bachelor Theses
- Most course paper, term papers and take-home examinations
- Some school examinations
... are to be submitted electronically. 

NB! Changes may occur

Please check the examination schedule during the semester. 

Last Modified: 04/04/2017 12:45

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