Place for examination



Place for examination

Students are registered for their examinations at their study centre.

Examination venues at BI in Norway

Students at the BI Netbased Studies, BI Bank and Insurance will be registered for their examinations at the BI Norwegian Business School campus nearest their registered address. 

Students who are registered for an examination can to a great extent change the venues for their examinations to one of BI Norwegian Business School's other campuses (Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim). Students at the Master of Science Programme are exempt.

Deadline: 1. October and 1. March.  


External examination venues

Students at the BI Netbased Studies, BI Bank and Insurance can sit for their examination at external examination venues, limited to the examination venues that BI have contracts with:
Eksterne eksamenssteder vår 2018.pdf (in Norwegian).

Registration for examinations at the external venues is binding and will incur a non-refundable administrative fee of NOK 500 per examination. 


The students for whom this is relevant must log into the student web portal @BI and change the settings from current examination venue to external examination venue. For more information: see Change of examination venue.

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