Examination attempt



Examination attempts

​A student will, as a main rule, have 3 - three - examination attempts in the same course. ​

Normally, a student has 3 - three - examination attempts. 

How many times a candidate may take an examination in any given course are stated in Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations at BI, Section 5-4 (1) Examination rights and Section 5-7 (1) and (2) Re-sit examination.

An examination attempt is deemed to have taken place even if the candidate does not present him/herself, as long as the candidate was registered for the relevant examination at the end of the de-registration deadline, and has not provided documentation for legitimate absence, such as illness at the time of the examination.

How many examination attempts have I made?

All of the previous attempts that a candidate has made at the current or corresponding examination when counting examination attempts. This includes both passed and failed examinations, in addition to any occasions where the student has failed to unregister for the examination within the deadline.  

Candidates are responsible for keeping track of the number of attempts they have made at an examination.

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