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Examination abroad

Students whose place of residence is not in Norway, or who of necessity (must be documented) must reside abroad during the examination period, can be given permission to take their examinations at a Norwegian embassy, consulate, approved school or seaman's church. 

Examination abroad will not be given:


1) Improving grades (even if the grade is F)

An exception to this is made for online students (BI Nettstudier).

Some exceptions are also made for students taking parts of their BI degree abroad. BI students who study abroad for two consecutive terms may apply to re-sit one examination abroad if this is for a course getting the grade D, E or F.

An application will only be granted if the student has not had the opportunity to re-sit the examination before his/her stay abroad, and where it is not possible for the student to sit a re-sit examination within the regulated study period after completion of the stay abroad.

2) Courses with process examinations


3) Master of Science-students

4) Incoming exchange student who leave Norway before the examination period is over

These students must contact the International Office for more information.

Please note that this arrangement does not apply to all programmes / courses.

When to apply - and how?

Application form must be sent by email to the Exam Administration within: 

  • 1. October (autumn semester)

  • 1. March (spring semester)

Students who wish to take an examination abroad must make direct contact with the Exam Administration at BI (Oslo) as early as possible and at the latest by the given deadline. See the application form for contact information.

Remember that his arrangement does not apply to all programmes / courses 


Time difference

In situations where there is a time difference between Norway and the desired foreign venues, the examination should be given, as far as is reasonable, at the same time as in Norway.

The examination abroad must in any case start before the students in Norway can leave the examination venues, i.e. one - 1 - hour after the start of the ordinary examination. The examination abroad can't start later than maximum one hour after the start of the ordinary examination.

Exception: In the case of 1-hour examinations the maximum delay is 30 minutes both for the start and end of the examination.  

Students are responsible for making the foreign examination venues aware that the examination in some situations might have to be taken after normal working hours and sometimes at night. Outside the ordinary time for the examination in Norway contact with the Exam Administration or with academics cannot be counted on

Approved examination venues - and obligatory confirmation  

The examination can only be taken at a Norwegian embassy / consulate, school or seaman's church. Requests for other examination venues will be refused.

The student must have neither an occupational nor familiar relationship with the examination venues

The students are responsible for contacting the foreign examination venues and obtain a written confirmation from the person responsible for the giving of the examination. 

Without a written signature on the application form from the examination venues abroad, the examination(s) will not be sent.

Contact person at the venue must understand Norwegian 
The contact person at the examination venues abroad (the person responsible for organizing the examination or the person to whom the administration of the examination has been delegated) must have a good command of Norwegian, both written and oral. This is necessary, among other reasons, because the contact person is responsible for making sure that only approved examination support materials are used and that any notes in these are allowed.


Registration for examination abroad is binding, and it will incur a non-refundable administrative fee of NOK 500 per examination. The student must also cover the fee set by the examination venues for its services.

See application form for more information.

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