Procedures, sanctions and appeals

​What's the procedure if you are suspected of cheating or contributing to cheating? Here you will find information on case processing, sanctions and options to appeal. 

Procedures related to cases of cheating

Students who are suspected of cheating, both before, during or after the examination, will be confronted with this suspicion or are entitled to make a statement in the matter before a recommendation for a decision is made.

Students who are suspected of cheating will not receive a transcript of the examination register as long as their case is under deliberation. In such cases the examination results may be communicated orally directly to the examinee or in writing at the request of the student.

In some cases extra time will be needed for grading if there is a suspicion of cheating, cf. Academic Regulations, Section 5-11 Grading


Sanctions - annulment and / or exclusion 

Cheating is punishable by an annulment of the examination and/or exclusion from BI Norwegian Business School for a period of up to one year. Please be aware that this also applies to contributing to cheating.  

The decision of annulment or exclusion is taken by the Appeals Committee of BI Norwegian Business School.

Other universities and college universities in Norway will also be informed about the exclusion. 

Right to appeal

A decision of annulment or exclusion can be appealed in pursuance with Act relating to Universities and University Colleges Section 4-7 (3) and Section 5-1 (7) to the Special Appeals Committee of Universities and Colleges. In case of such an appeal, as a rule, the decision shall not be implemented until the appeals procedure has been concluded. 

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