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​On this page you can download take-home examinations and individual cases used for examination purposes (in accordance with course descriptions).


On the top you will find your examinations with electronic submission.

Further down the page you will find an overview of all examinations, including non-electronic examinations and electronic examinations that you are not registered for.

Tip: you can easily find your exam by searching (ctrl + f + exam code).

The examinations will remain published on this page for at least three days from the date of publication. 

Should you need to download an examination after the three-day period of publication, you will be able to find the examination at the following site: Previous examinations (password required).

Remember to check that you have downloaded the right examination. Several examinations and hand-ins can be related to the same course. Make sure that the examination code and deadline for return are the same as those given in your examination registration. Students choosing wrong item may risk not to be graded.

Check the examination schedule here - or at your personal page (left menu).

Check the front page of the examination for information and instructions regarding the task(s) and deadline dates and procedures.

Questions can be addressed to your local study centre.

Examinations are available as PDF-files. PDF-files (Portable Document Format) can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free from Adobe.

Best of luck!

Remember your “Student Declaration for Written Hand-ins at BI”

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