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Tailor every single job application - it shows!


We encourage you to tailor every single job application. Experienced recruiters will distinguish a general application from the genuine and thoroughly prepared! A well-prepared application will targeted utilize key elements from the job-ad linked with you as a candidate. The challenge to you will be how to present YOUR competence for this specific position. Even if you may "recycle" some elements – keep in mind that time spent on each application will enhance your opportunities!

"Motivation" - being both a key word and double-edged sword related to job-hunting. It might seem easy when employers says "tell us about your motivation…" yet in reality this often is a challenging part of the application process. The employers will look forward to something more than an answer to "why would you like this job?"  They typically have their scope on elements in the position that motivates you – so that you will do a brilliant job! You should keep main scope on your potential contributions to them. Be specific if you can, and bring up elements that will trigger you in the position, the company and the industry. Read more about motivation in our branding modell (link)

Our experience tells us that your application should be as genuine and credible as possible. A common mistake is to reel of "buzzword" on skills and competences without proving, deepening – securing trustworthiness. On the other hand – if you can prove being e.g analytical or have high work capacity by linking skills with real life experience you can really stand out from the crowd!

See more about job-application structure and lay-ot here Job hunting step by step.pdf

Finally a few words about concepts used. "Motivaton letter" or "Application letter" will in Norway be used in a random way – keep your focus on your motivation so that you will do a brilliant job! Normally the application text should easily fit one A4 page. When applying for positions abroad, check expectations and "how to" here.


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