Testimonials from previous interns

​Read about the experiences of previous interns and find the motivation to apply for a BI Internship!

​Students: BI Internship on Exchange

Sara Hoddevik
BI Internship on Exchange
Leroy, Portugal
Spring 2017
​​The greatest challenge by choosing BI Internship on Exchange: For me, the greatest challenge was the language and communication. Be sure to check if your company is english speaking! I got the internship only by e-mailing them, and from the information I got, I expected the employees to be fluent in english. This turned out not to be the case, and it made the communication very difficult.

Biggest advantage by choosing BI Internship on Exchange: Being able to do both exchange and internship! Why choose when you can do both? There is so much great experience to gain from both of them.

Tips to students who wants to apply for BI Internship on Exchange:
Start looking for a company early, the process is more time consuming than expected. Don't be afraid to ask questions, both before and during the internship. Most importantly - go with an open mind! It might not end up being exactly as you expected and you will probably face a lot of challenges, but it's definitely worth it in the end!

Fransisca Langhelle.jpg

Fransisca Langhelle
BI Internship on Exchange
Nordea Stockholm, Sweden
Spring 2017
The most positive outcome: The most positive outcome of choosing the International Internship while on Exchange must be the introduction it gave me to the Swedish job market. After my exchange semester I was offered a job in an investment bank.

The greatest challenge: The greatest challenge when working abroad I think is the adjustment to the working pace. Even though I have been working in similar companies in Norway the "live to work" attitude is more present here than I remember feeling it back home.

Biggest advantage by choosing BI Internship on Exchange: The biggest advantage by choosing the International Internship is that you get to put what you have learned at university into practice. That way you will be ahead of other students in real life work experience. It also looks good on your CV.

Greatest challenge by choosing BI Internship on Exchange: The process of choosing, applying, getting and executing the International Internship is a time consuming process. At the same time as you are having the internship - often working very long days - you have to write the individual paper and prepare for the oral presentation, and sometimes often while having other courses at the same time too.
Tips to students who wants to apply for BI Internship on Exchange: You should start the process of applying early. Often the people in these companies are very busy and the entire process can take longer than you are first anticipating. Also, be bold and chose other companies and departements within companies of your interest that has not been published on BI's pages. Initiative and courage are appreciated.

Other comments: I would highly recommend applying for the International Internship while on exchange. Even though it might be a time consuming process in the middle of everything else you have to prepare before leaving

Students: BI Internship

Rolands Englands_bilde.jpg
Rolands Englands
BI Internship Bachelor,
Wilhelmsen Ship Management.
Spring 2017
The BI Internship course absolutely exceeded my expectations. During my three months at Wilhelmsen Ship Management, I managed to not only widen my professional network and learn new skills, but I also grew as a personality and gained insights on how to become a better job candidate in the future. Since I worked on real strategic business growth cases that were important for the company, I developed a strong interest in the field of strategy, which further contributed to my decision of majoring in Strategy for my Master degree. Also, my learning curve at BI was greatly enhanced during my internship due to the opportunity to apply the theory and knowledge gained from studies to my daily job activities. I definitely recommend students to find a position they are interested in and apply to BI Internship – it is an exclusive opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the job market early in your career.

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