BI Internship Bachelor



Requirements Bachelor

​Do not miss this opportunity to get to know exciting companies and put theory to practice. This experience will often put you one step ahead when you are ready to enter the workforce.

Bachelor students must

  • Have minimum GPA = C and adequate study progression. Students with up to two pending subjects will be evaluated in the recruitment process. However, no guarantee for a spot on the course can be given. If a student has a worse GPA than C or/and more than two pending subjects, please get in touch with BI's Internship Coordinators ( The requirement is a guideline and will be considered together with other requirements and applicants. 
  • Work hard to get good grades! Due to a limited number of openings, your grades will count in the selection process. 
  • Write a CV and application letter. Your application letter should justify your choice of company and the academic relevance of your tasks. You should include why you apply for a BI Internship. Tell us about yourself, your motivation and interests in regard to the area or industry you have chosen.
  • Get a learning contract from the company (template under "Application Process"). The contract should specify tasks, the generated value for the company and learning outcome for the student. It should also include the name of the contact person/mentor. We evaluate if the company criteria are met (for more information see “Company Requirements Bachelor”). Additionally, we will take your academic results in subjects relevant to your internship tasks into consideration. 
  • Keep the deadline in mind. For your application in order to be considered it is essential that you apply no later than the deadline. The deadline for Business and BBA students is 1st November. The deadline for most other Bachelor programmes (except for Eiendomsmegling, Internasjonal Markedsføring and Revisjon/Regnskap) is 20th April.


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