BI Internship Bachelor



BI Internship Bachelor

BI Norwegian Business School offers Internship as an elective for bachelor students. Interested students must show initiative and look for a relevant company that will offer internships. 



What is BI Internship?

This elective course comprises an internship in a business that is relevant to your studies. Additionally, you are expected to participate in four academic workshops, write a project report and pass an oral exam. The experience you gain gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge from your studies in a practical situation. You will get a mentor from the company that provides you with professional guidance throughout the course. You may benefit from this experience in a future career since practical knowledge is valued by employers. The company shall not pay salary in the Internship period as you earn credits by BI.


Who can apply?

For bachelor students BI Internship is primarily offered as an elective for 4th, 5th or 6th semester. (See table below)


Application deadline

5th semester (autumn): 20th April  
4th and 6th semester (spring): 1st November

How to find an Internship?

Before you start searching and contact possible companies, you must read the course description thoroughly and understand the requirements for the course and for the selection of business.

Log in to the Career Portal through @BI. There you may find companies that wish to be contacted, and announce BI Internship positions for students. Look for "BI Internships" in the menu or search for "biinternshipbachelor".

A possible way to get you started is to make lists over industries or/either types of positions that you find interesting. Search for businesses through Google, Gulesider, etc. Use the library's resources – they may help you find different company and industry listings.

Overview of bachelor programmes that can apply

​Autumn 2016
​Entreprenørskap og økonomi​5th semester3. class
​Finans​5th semester3. class
​Kultur og Ledelse
​5th semester3. class
​Markedsføringsledelse​5th semester3. class
​PR og markedskommunikasjon
​5th semester3. class
​Retail Management
​5th semester3. class
​Økonomi og administrasjon
​5th semester3. class
​Økonomi og forretningsjus
​5th semester3. class
​Spring 2017
​Business Administration (BBA)
​6th semester3. class
Økonomi og ledelse (Sivøk)
​4th semester​2. class

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