What the companies say about CV



What the companies say about CV

We asked the recruiters - see what they say! 



Leif I. Nordhus

Business Manager


"Your CV and application are normally the first criterions for selection. If you wish to call for further information about the position - be prepared and think about relevant questions. It could be who the position reports to, the structure of the department, support functions, marketing development and so on. Candidates with good questions could be remembered. 

Read the job ad carefully. Pull out and emphasise relevant experience in your CV. I often notice relevant keywords when I read CVs. If your CV is too broad it is hard to get noticed in the pile of 50-60 CVs. BI Career Service has a good template but remember 'the edge' and the keywords.”

Mira Kahn

Produktsjef Redken og Pureology
Redken Norway

"It is important to remember that the CV is often the first impression we get of you. So it is important that the CV has a clear layout and has all the necessary information to ensure a good first impression. Use BI Career Service's template as a base, ask for help and make sure there is not a single spelling mistake!"

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