BI Careers Service




You are welcome to talk to us about your career! We will have about 30 minutes to talk to you about your career. Maybe you have questions regarding how you can use your education, what kind of job to look for or internship possibilities? We will help you on your way to your dream job! 


Opening hours counselling:

Monday to Friday at 10.00- 14.00.
You will find us at the Student Service Center in U1. Please visit us Monday to Friday at 10.00- 14.00 to book time for counseling.  


Who can use our services?
All fulltime students at BI Campus Oslo can use our services within nominal length of study, PLUSS one year after ended nominal length of study.

You can contact us at tlf nr. 46410012 and in our opening hours.  

During the counseling we can among others talk about:

CV/application assistance

Please read our brochure about job searching before you drop by: Job hunting step by step.pdf We will give you useful feedback! Bring your CV, application and printed versions of the job ads.

Preparing for the interview

We can help you with questions you may have regarding the job interview. The interview can be a challenging situation - drop by us for support and advice! 

During the counseling we can determine whether it is necessary to have a one hour career counselling.

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