CV and Application




Your CV will, in most cases, be the very first thing your future employer sees of you. It should give a quick overview of what you have done that is related to landing this position. To grab the attention of the reader, you really need make an effort when it comes to prioritizing, keeping it tidy and tailor-made.


Prioritizing: Your relevant experience ought to be highlighted by telling more about it. The idea of "including everything, and leave for the reader to decide" does not always work in real life recruitment processes.

Tidiness: A surprisingly high number of student CVs have unmistakable improvement potential when it comes to layout and awareness to details. Spelling, font sizes, paragraphs, indents, chronology (…in most cases this should be reversed) – there are many reasons why a reader can get the impression that you are negligent or inaccurate. On the other hand, a few minutes spent on proofreading can truly increase the chance of success!

Tailor-made: When creating your CV, it is imperative to present your experiences so that the reader understands your potential and transferable skills. This implies for instance that a part-time position or a study programme can be presented in a "smart" or tailored way, related to the specific position.

Whether it is in a traditional CV, at LinkedIn or a web-based recruitment-system – keep in mind that you have liberty to decide how to present yourself, what to emphasize and prioritize. Use this leeway smart! 

Also, in Norway it is now quite common to include a picture in your CV. This is believed to give the CV a "personal touch". First of all – a picture in a text-based document will certainly be eye-catching, thus creating a first impression. So, better use a “professional” picture, not any smartphone selfie and not a cropped group picture. We recommend to “shoot” in an environment with good daylight conditions, a calm/blury background, and use a face based close-up. The most common picture position in the CV will typically be upper right corner.

If you wish to include a picture, use a professional high quality picture with the right size and cropping.

Please always keep in mind that around the world there are different expectations and traditions when it comes to CVs. You should always remember this when experts are giving their CV-advises, Also, keep this in mind when applying for positions in foreign countries.  

Find an example and read more about CV and application​ here:Job hunting step by step.pdf

Last Modified: 21/04/2017 10:54