Study areas

​BI Bergen's new building at Marineholmen offers modern and airy study areas for group work, self-study and discussions.  

Different zones for different work

BI Bergen at Marineholmen offers several open-space study areas. Some areas have partitions. All through the building, the big windows let in natural light and create an airy atmosphere. 

Study area with different zones

The study hall is divided into a quiet area and an open area. The outer part of the room is an open area where you can talk and do group work. The noise will be reduced the further into the room you get. At the very back of the room there is a quiet section, separated with a door. 


Group rooms

When working in groups or preparing presentations and examinations, groups of students may like to work undisturbed. Some of the group rooms have a projector and smart board​, others are plain rooms. The group rooms on the second floor are, during normal teaching periods, only available to students doing continuing education, but available to all students during examination periods.

Last Modified: 17/07/2012 10:09